Through the use of experiential marketing and thematic absorption, Sovereign helps companies like yours build relationships with customers, employees, and business influencers through a combination of virtual-world and live event experiences that are unparalleled in the industry. From better intelligence on the front end and through flawless execution in the middle to final delivery of strategic insights on the back end, expect high performing results.

Art of the Event

When it comes to creating experiences that engage and excite, the last thing you want to do is follow the herd. Getting people to be more creative starts by fully absorbing them in the theme that you wish to communicate and by placing them in a more creative environment. Through Sovereign Thematic Absorption, our team will work with you to create, produce, and manage a full sensory environment to impact your intended audience. From Big ideas to small details, Sovereign can help you deliver an inspiring and productive program that generates results for years to come.

We specialize in planning, producing, and executing complex presentations and events that require cutting-edge solutions. Enhancing, delivering, and reinforcing your core message are the main purpose of any theme. Sovereign’s event design team will work with you to help create and visualize the critical concepts, while working side by side with you to create themes to better define your meeting or event. The ability to get your audience to see, feel and understand your message results in a value-added production.


Contract Negotiations

With our years of experience and developed relationships with our industry partners, Sovereign will negotiate the best deal with all suppliers.

Audio Visual

Our technical specialists and staging professionals understand the unique requirements of any event to ensure that all sound, lighting, staging, and all other technical elements are a success.

Production Management

Our team will ensure that the vision of your event will be achieved by tying in all the elements of lighting, visual, and audio aesthetics.

Event Planning

Let our experts take care of the details so you and your team can focus on your constituents. From F&B management, budget forecasting, we make sure deadlines are met for a successful event.

Photography & Videography

Quality video and photography coverage is important for every event. Our professionals will capture the best moments to help build your organization brand. Visit our gallery at sovimages.com.

Website & Registrations

Our creative team can design a branded website and registration form for your event that will engage your attendees to register.

On-site execution

From registration management to arranging departure transfers to your guests, and everything in between, we make sure your event is a great success.

Hotel Procurement

Searching, finding, and contracting the perfect hotel or convention space for your event is our specialty. Sovereign will do the hard work on your behalf to blend your corporate ethos to the right venue.

Strategic Intelligence

The science of what your audience will respond to and how they will in turn act, that is the center of our approach to your strategic messaging before, during, and after your event.

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